Oasis Bath Vanity Riviere Gold

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Riviere is the very latest addition to the Oasis collection of luxury bathroom furniture, one of the exquisite ranges which make up the sophisticated and aptly named Oasis Luxury Collection. The line consists of consoles and vanity units in different materials and finishes, with a variety of basins, marbles and special glass.  The collection features geometries inspired by Art Déco with crisp balanced lines and drawers with a high-impact handle design.

The fronts and sides are available in lacquer, mirror including fumè and bronze versions or in decorative glass, thereby allowing the collection to convey different moods, from contemporary to more classical in style. The handles and feet, in either chrome or gold, define and reinforce the overall look. The basin console can incorporate either a countertop basin or an integrated model depending on the finish of the top, which can be in various marble types or coloured glossy glass.

The furniture is available with a choice of one or two drawers or with two drawers and two or four doors; fronts and sides may be in lacquer, mirror including fumè and bronze versions or in decorative glass. The tops feature subtle forms with a neoclassical allure and the front edges are beveled to “give movement” to the rigorous geometries.

Oasis bath vanities are made in Italy.

Oasis offers a broad range of bathroom vanity collections includes both single sink and double sink vanity, all 100% hand-made in Italy, and coordinated interior design solutions with these luxury vanities.
The company’s traditional approach along with a keen eye for quality and fine materials, and the use of cutting-edge technologies are the features which ensure maximum production flexibility for their bathroom vanities.

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