Zucchetti Bidet Faucet Jingle

Zucchetti Bidet Faucet Jingle

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"Compact and squared with rounded corners user-friendly trendy never aggressive Zucchetti Jingle bath faucets are young objects in every sense. This modern faucet is a modern project because it's simple and immediate." Ludovica+Roberto Palomba Harmonious proportions and an utterly contemporary look make Jingle a sober and elegant product for a sophisticated public that appreciates quality and practicality yet is in touch with the latest design trends and recognizes beauty at a glance. In the Eighties every Italian home was familiar with Zucchetti's TV ad whose memorable jingle contributed to its popularity. Today in the same spirit the mixer Jingle is all set to conquer every home around the world: a familiar pleasant reassuring product created with over 80 years' all-Italian experience and industrial culture.

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