Versace Emote Tile Collection

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The refined, classic spirit of Versace Ceramics finds an intriguing new interpretation in the Emote tile line, a timeless collection of fine floors and wall tile coverings.

  • Untouched and deep. The enticing contemporaneity of the contrasts.
  • Vibrating rhythm of geometry.
  • Tonal Harmony makes the space balanced.
  • Positive and negative. Eternal opposites that generate harmony.
  • Smooth movements on the light veins.

Versace Ceramics Floor Tile colors include:

  • Emote Bianco
  • Emote Nero
  • Emote Crema
  • Emote Marrone

Surface: glazed
Sizes: 78×78, 39×78, 19.5×78
Thickness: 10mm

Code: Tile-Versace1

Founded in Milan in 1978 by Gianni Versace himself, one of the most talented stylists of the 20th century, Gianni Versace is a synonym of Italian excellence throughout the world. Since 1997 the fashion house has worked with Gardenia Orchidea as a partner of choice, sharing both aims and values. 

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