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Defining excellence as GranitiFiandre sees it has become a natural process over the years. Their values are always in sight and the quality of their products around the globe proudly bear witness to their market leadership. They believe in the power of innovation, the uniqueness of Italian design, the importance of sustainability, the strength of discipline in all fields and the value of the people who work for GranitiFiandre. Today, achieving excellence is a collective task they strive to accomplish for their customers and for themselves. Everybody who is part of the Fiandre Group has a clear vision of their objectives and contributes to the overall goal. For many years they have worked with the world’s leading architects, managing cross-border projects, supporting their creative quest and exchanging valuable know-how in order to constantly improve their products and align their services with their evolving needs. They like to think of themselves as real partners with real values that will sustain architectural excellence today, tomorrow and in the future.


Seen as a turning point for the industry, the development of technical porcelain stoneware, which can be clearly attributed to Fiandre, is one of many milestones that places the group at the forefront in terms of innovation and ultimate quality.


Just as full body porcelain stoneware by Fiandre is a unique product, made of entirely natural premium quality raw materials, mined by Fiandre around the world and processed in one of Europe’s most advanced production plants, the intrinsic values which have powered over 50 years of leadership are a unique blend of innovation, design and sustainability. Thanks to significant investment in research, Fiandre has consistently taken the industry one step further toward providing ground-breaking solutions. Innovation in all fields, from state-of-the-art production techniques to a host of industrial services, have earned enduring respect from prominent industry professionals. Architects and Specifiers are inspired by the natural beauty of Fiandre porcelain stoneware products. A dedicated quest to create materials that will help transform a preliminary sketch into a work of art is the driving force behind an unrivalled Italian ability to excel in design. Profound commitment to safeguarding the environment has led to remarkable progress in terms of sustainable development, enabling a new generation of eco-active materials and reducing environmental impact through energy saving initiatives, strict production efficiency standards and a diligent raw material optimisation policy. Deeply engrained in every part of the Fiandre Group, these are the bedrock values that have moulded the company ever since 1961. Today they continue to fuel the group’s status as the foremost creator of technical porcelain stoneware.


Distributed in more than 110 countries worldwide, Fiandre produces over 50,000 m2 of matt and polished stoneware daily and is headquartered in Castellarano, Italy, where Fiandre owns the world’s largest existing polishing plant. Vertically integrated from raw material sourcing to packaging and shipping, Fiandre controls the entire production chain from start to finish, without any third party involvement. This has led to efficiency and quality in all spheres, and ultimately to an impressive array of prestigious references throughout the world. 


INNOVATION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASSET - Going one step further each time you reach a goal keeps the industry alive and shapes the future. The first step for Fiandre was to create technical porcelain stoneware in the 60’s. They haven’t stopped moving since. Significant resources are dedicated to research and development. Each year Fiandre releases new products, adopts new techniques and breathes life into new solutions. Their values stem from tradition and are expressed as innovation. Certain applications require more than a cutting-edge laboratory and a team of experts. Fiandre is tied to a territory and a tradition, a legacy which powers the flow of innovation. Ideal for heavy-duty applications, GEOTECNICA is a line of high performance porcelain stoneware developed in collaboration with independent research centres to provide frontline solutions where both design and durability are prerequisites. 


LET’S SHAPE THE WORLD - Colour, shape, texture. GranitiFiandre creates the elements which architects will skilfully weave together to enhance the world we live in. Advanced technologies, sophisticated materials and insight into design trends are how Fiandre defines its contribution to contemporary architecture. Innovative materials with special finishes transform space into a dimension in which an architect turns light into a moving sculpture. When the spirit of creativity merges with the strength of excellent materials, an architect can be sure to freely express his professional flair to the full. Rediscovering space is achieved when the customary limits are redefined. Timeless solutions for interior and exterior design are created when you can choose the best elements to support your talent. Fiandre materials are conceived to encourage customisation without limits.


Made In Usa

Fiandre is known worldwide for Italian production of beautiful, innovative, and high performance porcelain tiles. These same outstanding products are also produced at the Fiandre Group's state of the art, US facility located in Cumberland County, Tennessee.
Its "Made in the USA" products are specifically designed for, and are easily accessible by North American consumers.



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