Vonn LED Lighting


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Distinctive design and unparalleled quality has quickly earned VONN its reputation as a pioneer in the lighting industry.  Since inception, VONN has been committed to redefining manufacturing standards with technology, style, and precision.  By steadily remaining at the cutting edge of LED innovation, VONN is breaking through conventional thinking and lighting the path for generations to come.

LED Lighting: Enabling Slim Designs Previously Not Possible

LED lights can be ultra thin and smaller than traditional light bulbs, allowing the consequent lighting designs to be more chic and modernized. The designs can be much more generous with their fluidity, flexibility, and style. 

LED technology also enables elegant lighting designs to be possible without sacrificing technological advances. Circular designs that twist and loop can illuminate the room without needing bulky bulbs or emitting obnoxious heat. Additionally, such designs and light fixtures have up to 50,000 hours in their lifespan — significantly more than traditional bulbs that burnt out easily and often.

LED Lighting Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Installing LED lighting in your home is a vital stylistic move. Most of Vonn's collections have been inspired by stars, galactic systems, and constellations to maximize the potential design value of the fixture and consequent space. They’re infused with cutting edge LED technology, dimmable capability, soft white bulbs, and tens of thousands of hours in their life expectancy. The versatility of their lighting fixtures enables the lightings to be used however the homeowner sees fit, adding a depth and dimension to the value of the fixtures. They can be the centerpiece of the room or merely a compliment to existing pieces and decor. Additionally, fully furnished rooms are ideal for both decorating and selling purposes.

VONN offers exceptional LED lighting creations, representing a fusion between innovative solutions and aesthetic vision.



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